Yoga for Grief / Navigating Life After Loss

My own journey through grief, combined with studies in yoga therapy, led me to develop this healing practice “Yoga for Grief.”  When we experience trauma/drama/stress, emotions can be held in our physical and energetic bodies. Yoga postures and breathing practices can make a significant difference in the way we carry on with life after loss.

Discover the healing benefits of yoga in this 5-week course designed to help students heal from the effects of loss or change.

This 5-week workshop includes:

  • Breathing techniques with an emphasis on restoring the nervous system;
  • Gentle yoga postures designed to stretch and release tension in the body;
  • Tips on creating mindfulness practices to calm the mind;
  • Weekly lesson plans related to the five stages of grief; and
  • An opportunity to heal on a very deep level with yoga.


Upcoming workshops:

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Private workshops with groups and individuals are available in an online format. Contact Deb for more information.

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“Deb combines breath work and gentle yin poses to help heal any feelings of sorrow or pain you may be holding on to. It is raw and loving all at the same time. ~ Kelsey

“If you’ve been struggling with grief (loss of any kind – spouse, family member, friend, pet, house, job, the list goes on), please do yourself a favor and look into this 6-week workshop. Consider attending, and perhaps even follow through with trying the first class. Just start there. Deb is an amazing guide and teacher.” ~ Jes