Weekly Words of Wisdom – X MARKS THE SPOT

Weekly Words of Wisdom: X is for X MARKS THE SPOT – The ground beneath our feet.

I love the bright promise of a new year. There’s something alluring about the clean slate and countless opportunities for a renewed sense of purpose. We may be inclined to set intentions, declare resolutions and establish goals for the new year. And while I believe there’s great value (and fun) in that type of planning, I also know the importance of reflecting on how far we’ve come.

Lao Tzo said: “The journey of a thousand miles starts from the ground beneath your feet.”

I love the validation that we can begin RIGHT WHERE WE ARE. Sure, the journey begins to progress as we take those first steps, but how about we honor the sacred ground beneath our feet first?

I stand here on sacred ground with all the lessons and stories and dreams from my past, all bundled up in a sweet package called ME. From this vantage point I understand (mostly) what has brought me to this place, and I gaze out at the infinite potential of my future.

Here in this place, I already have all the answers I need – all the information that I need to know in order to move forward. Here in this place I trust that everything I need to know is revealed to me in perfect timing. Here in this place, I fully believe that I am divinely guided and protected.

So, for these final days of 2018, I’m lingering here on sacred ground. I’m reflecting on this past year and feeling so very blessed and humbled by the love and support from so many. I’m feeling grounded and stable and ready for what’s next!

I stand here on sacred ground – supported and held by the ground beneath my feet. Won’t you stand with me?

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Weekly Words of Wisdom – WATER

Weekly Words of Wisdom: W is for WATER Astrological signs are divided into four elements (fire, earth, air and water), and today we’ll talk about the three WATER signs: CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES.

If your sun sign is in one of the water signs, you are most likely sensitive and intuitive. You are self-reflective and inner-focused, with the potential to be a gifted healer, caretaker of children or animals, and are usually a beloved family member.

Cancer loves home and family. This sign feels everything on a very deep level, and has a great memory for family history. There’s mother energy here – the nurturer – and the ability to be a gifted healer.

Cancer – your life lesson is to learn to let that stuff go. Cancer folks can really cling to childhood memories with a deep emotional attachment there. Learn to accept your tender emotions and tears, notice without judgment, and to co-exist with human and divine.

Scorpio loves deep contemplation and is not afraid of the “dark side” or discussions about death. Scorpios make great detectives and accountants, and have the ability to focus intently on a subject or activity to see things through. Scorpios can be a bit intense with strong non-verbal feelings, and they can be bit secretive as well.

Scorpio – your life lesson is to learn emotional honesty, know that it’s safe to let go, and that a good cry never hurt anyone.

Pisces loves to dream and go deep. Known as the mystic and psychic, this water sign tends to be very secretive. Pisces has a tendency to “check out” from time to time, requiring time-out in order to live in their dream world.

Pisces – Sometimes this world can feel like “too much” for Pisces, and your life lesson is to learn how navigate life without addictions. Establish boundaries and acknowledge your wisdom, while letting go of unconscious fear.

In astrology we use these general characteristics as guidelines to validate and understand who we are. We can also feel more compassion toward others who exhibit these personality traits, simply by knowing they are Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

 Are you a water sign? Do you know someone who is?

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Weekly Words of Wisdom – VESSEL

Weekly Words of Wisdom: V is for VESSEL – The word VESSEL is defined as “a person into whom some quality (such as grace) is infused.”

Our body serves as a home for the journey of our soul, and is vessel containing our true essence – our capacity for love and the way we shine our light.

My relationship with my body has been an interesting lesson in this lifetime. In the past, I have unintentionally defined myself by my physical form, believing that was my identity.

I’m happy to say that years of self-discovery – guided by yoga – have revealed otherwise.

I love this quote by Walter Miller: “You do not HAVE a soul, you ARE a soul. You have a body.”

Be kind to your body – to this VESSEL you’ve been given – by being mindful of what you put in it, how often you move it, and how you think about it. Kind thoughts are just as important as good nutrition!

What quality (such as grace) is infused within your vessel?

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Weekly Words of Wisdom – UPSIDE DOWN

Weekly Words of Wisdom: U is for UPSIDE DOWN – We’re smack in the middle of the holidays and if you find yourself needing a little reprieve, try a simple forward fold to help calm your mind and shift your holiday spirit.

FEEL BETTER – Inversion poses change our relationship to gravity. Hanging upside down releases tension in the entire spine, neck and shoulders. Relax and let gravity do its thing as you let go of tightness and welcome softness.

THINK BETTER – Positioning the body so that our head is lower than our heart increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain, helping us to feel more alert, focused and creative. Folding forward also helps us see things from a different perspective, adjusting our attitude in a sweet and easy way.

YOU CAN DO IT – You can practice this pose from a standing position (bend your knees a little); hips against the wall and leaning forward; or sitting in a chair and folding your upper body over your lap. Be sure to let your head and arms hang like a rag doll once you fold forward – releasing all effort and tension from the upper body. *and we breathe…*

Have a peaceful holiday season by putting yourself UPSIDE DOWN and adding some slow, deep breathing to the mix. It’s the best remedy I know for letting go…

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Weekly Words of Wisdom – TIME

Weekly Words of Wisdom: T is for TIME – Oh, precious TIME. We each have the same number of seconds in every day, and how we choose to use it determines what we have time to do. And even though we all have the same amount of time, like we have less time than others – and no time for ourselves.

What’s your relationship with time? Are you always pressed for it? Do you have plenty of it? Enough of it?

If you find yourself in the mix of those lacking for time, you aren’t alone. Many people feel overwhelmed with lengthy to-do lists, or lots of responsibilities. Some of us may even have a longstanding habitual affirmation that goes like this: “I don’t have time.”

The simple and complicated secret for time management is prioritizing. If we feel overwhelmed and burdened with obligations that take a lot of our precious time, we feel hopeless and depressed. When we learn to make more time for things that are important to us, we feel empowered to do it more often.

MAKE TIME – Take a good long look at how you spend your time and notice if there’s anything that could go away. Beware of time-wasters and let that stuff go.

TAKE TIME – Be intentional with scheduling time-outs for yourself. The best time to relax is when you don’t have time for it, and if we are always running on all cylinders something’s gotta’ give eventually.

SLOW TIME – Slow things down a little. Practice yoga, practice walking a little slower and talking a little slower. Notice what it feels like to take your time once in awhile.

NEXT TIME – Learn to say, “No thanks, maybe next time.” Give yourself a break here and there and celebrate those free moments anyway you’d like.

Take your time, my friend. Make more time for what’s really important to you.

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