Viloma Pranayama ~ This breathing technique allows us to control the breath in a deliberate way. By breaking the inhales and exhales into pieces, we create a keen focus on where the breath goes in the body. By holding the breath in at the top of the inhale, we stretch the tissue in the lungs and create more space for greater lung capacity.

Benefits: This breathing practice helps to balance the lung meridian – releasing grief and sadness and welcoming a sense of joy and well-being.

How to:  Rest in a comfortable position on your back. Draw the shoulders away from your ears and close your eyes. Take a full inhale and release a complete exhale.

With your next inhale, draw in some air then pause. Draw a little more in and pause. Then draw in as much breath as you can and hold it at the top for a couple of seconds.

Exhale a little bit and pause. Exhale a bit more and pause. Exhale all the breath from your lungs and hold the breath out for a couple of seconds.

Repeat this several times – breaking the inhale into pieces and pausing, breaking the exhale into pieces and pausing.

When the practice feels complete for you, draw in a long, uninterrupted inhale. Notice how good that feels. Then allow your exhale to be long and uninterrupted. Rest here for awhile longer, enjoying the ease in the breath and the state of relaxation you have fostered.

Mantra: “I choose when to let go.”

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