Seal pose (Cobra / Bhujangasana Arms Spread Variation) – I love seal pose as an add on to sphinx pose for a little deeper back bend. Practice this posture to strengthen your arms and stretch the front body.

Benefits: Seal pose stretches the front body while compressing the back body. This deep stretch energizes the adrenal glands; massages the digestive system; and stimulates the kidney, liver, spleen, stomach, lung and heart meridians. It helps to strengthen the arms and shoulders, improves/promotes digestion, and restores the natural curvature of the lumbar spine.

How to: Come to your belly and place the hands off your yoga mat about in line with your shoulders. Spread your fingers wide and draw the shoulder blades down and back to lift your heart forward. Engage the muscles in your lower body – squeeze the glutes and press the tops of your feet into the floor. With an inhale, press into the hands to lift the upper body. Continue pressing floor away, drawing the shoulders back and down, and taking deep breaths. Hold for 3 to 5 breath cycles, then rest in crocodile pose.

Mantra: “I lead with my heart.”

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