M I R R O R ~ “Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

While she might have had a mean streak, at least the Evil Queen wasn’t afraid to challenge her mirror to affirm what she already thought she knew. Whenever she asked, she fully expected to be validated that SHE was the fairest of them all.

Several of the rooms where I teach yoga have large mirrored walls that cannot be avoided. In rooms that are partially mirrored, I witness some students intentionally placing their mats in spaces to avoid being able to see their reflection.

Many times I’ll invite my students to look at their reflection in the mirror and I offer, “Behold yourself in all your glory!” I encourage them to witness themselves on their yoga mat, doing the best they can and continuing to show up.

The relationship we have with our own reflection is an interesting one. Truth is – I’ve spent most of my life criticizing myself every time I looked in a mirror. When I learned about Louise Hay’s mirror work, that began to change.

It’s awkward at first, though it does get easier with time and practice. You basically look at yourself in the mirror and speak the words “I love you.” Bring it on home by speaking your name: “I love you, [Deb]. I really love you.”

Practice this for yourself when you look into the mirror. Muster up as much love and compassion for yourself as you would for your best friend. In all your glory, doing the best you can and continuing to show up! You are worthy of your own love and affection, so look yourself in the eye and affirm that.

“Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Why, you are my friend. YOU. ARE.

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