F O U N D A T I O N ~ “If the foundation is firm the building can withstand calamities. The practice of yoga is the foundation so that the Self is not shaken under any circumstances.” ~ BKS Iyengar

By divine design, our feet are meant to walk on uneven surfaces. Before tile and hard floors, we walked on sand, rocks and in the forest. That helped to keep the bones and muscles in our feet supple, flexible and stable. Now we walk on flat surfaces, and often wear shoes that aren’t supportive.

Just like a tall building, when the foundation of our body is unstable, our entire structure is compromised. Bringing strength and stability to our feet and ankles also brings strength and stability to the knee joints and helps keep us steady on our feet.

When we release the bottoms of the feet with massage, we also release the line of fascia that runs from the bottom of the feet, up the backs of the legs, the back of the body and connects at the base of the skull. Releasing tension in the feet can release tension all the way up the back of the body!

We also have reflexology points in our feet. There’s so much potential for healing when we release tension from the feet.

Stabilize your foundation with this simple foot release.

How to: Choose a wooden dowel, tennis ball, golf ball or a smooth river rock to release trigger points in the feet. My favorite is a rock! Please note that my movements in the video are quite a bit faster than I would normally move for this release. Take your time here.

Begin with your rock (dowel or ball…) just under the toes and lean in. Pause and breathe, then move the rock to another position. Pause, breathe, repeat until your entire foot has been worked.

Step away from the rock and take a few slow, deliberate steps to notice the difference between your feet. Be sure to massage your other foot to even yourself out!

That takes care of our physical foundation…

When YOGA is the foundation for how we live, we build a resilience to stress, enjoy greater ease and deeper joy.

How might you work to improve your FOUNDATION today?

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