A B U N D A N C E ~ “My cup runneth over.” Psalm 23:5

What’s your relationship with money? Do you lean on the side of scarcity? Or do you know you are abundant beyond measure?

When I was a child, my mother worried constantly about how she would pay the bills and feed four hungry mouths. As a single mom, she struggled to make ends meet. I witnessed her angst and inherited her attitude toward money. Her mantra was: There is BARELY enough money to get by.

As a single mom myself in later years, I had the same fears. The first year after my divorce was particularly challenging, and I resorted to using a credit card to purchase groceries and put gas in my car. Eventually I found my footing and then I began to notice a trend.

Whenever an unexpected expense presented itself, the funds to cover it always showed up. I needed a new tire for my car, and I’d miraculously receive a surprise bonus from work to cover it! This happened over and over – time and time again. My money mantra became: There is ALWAYS enough money to get by.

Yet even that mantra limited me. I was always just getting by.

I eventually found myself transitioning from an attitude of scarcity to one of abundance where money was concerned. I realized that the way I THOUGHT about money was essential when it came to financial security – that, and responsible budgeting, of course.

These days, not only is there ENOUGH money to get by, there’s MORE money than we need!

My current money mantra? My cup runneth over. I am abundant beyond measure in all areas of life.

What’s your money mantra, and has it changed throughout the years?

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