Weekly Words of Wisdom: Z is for ZONE – You know that state of being when you are so focused on doing something you love that time and all of your cares just drift away? It’s that space and time where nothing else matters and you find yourself completely absorbed in the moment.

Being in “the zone” is different for everyone, and I hope as you read my words you have a clear idea of what puts you in your zone.

I’m in my zone when I practice yoga. I’m in my zone walking on the beach – and almost anytime my bare feet are on the earth. I’m in my zone when I draw mandalas and when I stir cookie dough. My yoga practice has helped me to be more mindful in my actions, and as a result I find that I’m in my zone during times when I’m not only doing what I love, but I’m allowing myself to be fully absorbed in it.

Being in our zone on a regular basis is a healthy habit to nurture. It fosters a deeper sense of joy, and helps us build a resilience to stress.

What puts you in your ZONE? And when is the last time you went there?

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