Weekly Words of Wisdom: Y is for YIN and YANG – A symbol and concept originating in Taoism, this well-known symbol represents the joining of opposites, two halves combined to create wholeness, and bringing balance to all things.

The dark side of a yin-yang symbol represents YIN – the slower paced, softer and more feminine aspects of this life experience.

The light side of the symbol represents YANG – a more energetic, faster paced, masculine side of things.

The YIN side of the symbol contains a seed of yang (the dark circle), and the YANG side holds a seed of yin.

YIN and YANG is such a broad concept to consider, and it’s such a human thing to do. When we label something as beautiful, there is a contrast that’s considered ugly. When we label good, we therefore define evil.

Day slips into night, and night turns into day. Black and white. Light and dark. Joy and sorrow. Left and right. Without one, there cannot be the other.

Bring balance to your life by allowing yourself to exist in-between, resisting the urge to cling too tightly to one or the other. Too much yin makes us feel stuck and sluggish, so inviting a little yang practice can bring balance. Too much yang can create burnout, so it’s important to take time for rest and relaxation.

What areas of your life could be softened with YIN? And where can you add a little more YANG to energize this life?

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