Weekly Words of Wisdom: X is for X MARKS THE SPOT – The ground beneath our feet.

I love the bright promise of a new year. There’s something alluring about the clean slate and countless opportunities for a renewed sense of purpose. We may be inclined to set intentions, declare resolutions and establish goals for the new year. And while I believe there’s great value (and fun) in that type of planning, I also know the importance of reflecting on how far we’ve come.

Lao Tzo said: “The journey of a thousand miles starts from the ground beneath your feet.”

I love the validation that we can begin RIGHT WHERE WE ARE. Sure, the journey begins to progress as we take those first steps, but how about we honor the sacred ground beneath our feet first?

I stand here on sacred ground with all the lessons and stories and dreams from my past, all bundled up in a sweet package called ME. From this vantage point I understand (mostly) what has brought me to this place, and I gaze out at the infinite potential of my future.

Here in this place, I already have all the answers I need – all the information that I need to know in order to move forward. Here in this place I trust that everything I need to know is revealed to me in perfect timing. Here in this place, I fully believe that I am divinely guided and protected.

So, for these final days of 2018, I’m lingering here on sacred ground. I’m reflecting on this past year and feeling so very blessed and humbled by the love and support from so many. I’m feeling grounded and stable and ready for what’s next!

I stand here on sacred ground – supported and held by the ground beneath my feet. Won’t you stand with me?

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