Weekly Words of Wisdom: U is for UPSIDE DOWN – We’re smack in the middle of the holidays and if you find yourself needing a little reprieve, try a simple forward fold to help calm your mind and shift your holiday spirit.

FEEL BETTER – Inversion poses change our relationship to gravity. Hanging upside down releases tension in the entire spine, neck and shoulders. Relax and let gravity do its thing as you let go of tightness and welcome softness.

THINK BETTER – Positioning the body so that our head is lower than our heart increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain, helping us to feel more alert, focused and creative. Folding forward also helps us see things from a different perspective, adjusting our attitude in a sweet and easy way.

YOU CAN DO IT – You can practice this pose from a standing position (bend your knees a little); hips against the wall and leaning forward; or sitting in a chair and folding your upper body over your lap. Be sure to let your head and arms hang like a rag doll once you fold forward – releasing all effort and tension from the upper body. *and we breathe…*

Have a peaceful holiday season by putting yourself UPSIDE DOWN and adding some slow, deep breathing to the mix. It’s the best remedy I know for letting go…

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