Weekly Words of Wisdom: T is for TIME – Oh, precious TIME. We each have the same number of seconds in every day, and how we choose to use it determines what we have time to do. And even though we all have the same amount of time, like we have less time than others – and no time for ourselves.

What’s your relationship with time? Are you always pressed for it? Do you have plenty of it? Enough of it?

If you find yourself in the mix of those lacking for time, you aren’t alone. Many people feel overwhelmed with lengthy to-do lists, or lots of responsibilities. Some of us may even have a longstanding habitual affirmation that goes like this: “I don’t have time.”

The simple and complicated secret for time management is prioritizing. If we feel overwhelmed and burdened with obligations that take a lot of our precious time, we feel hopeless and depressed. When we learn to make more time for things that are important to us, we feel empowered to do it more often.

MAKE TIME – Take a good long look at how you spend your time and notice if there’s anything that could go away. Beware of time-wasters and let that stuff go.

TAKE TIME – Be intentional with scheduling time-outs for yourself. The best time to relax is when you don’t have time for it, and if we are always running on all cylinders something’s gotta’ give eventually.

SLOW TIME – Slow things down a little. Practice yoga, practice walking a little slower and talking a little slower. Notice what it feels like to take your time once in awhile.

NEXT TIME – Learn to say, “No thanks, maybe next time.” Give yourself a break here and there and celebrate those free moments anyway you’d like.

Take your time, my friend. Make more time for what’s really important to you.

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