Weekly Words of Wisdom ~ R is for RESTORATIVE YOGA. I wonder, when is the last time you were intentional about resting?

I see it in my yoga teaching practice all the time. Some of the most challenging yoga poses are the ones that invite us to be still. We are so used to the busy-ness of our lives – the go-go-go and get-things-done – that we have forgotten (or we simply ignore)  the importance of rest.

Restorative yoga invites us to create a shape with our body using props such as blankets, blocks and bolsters to facilitate the release of tension so that healing can take place.

A restorative yoga practice helps to calm the nervous system, boosts the immune system, releases physical tension from our muscles, improves digestion, and most importantly, fosters self-compassion and understanding.

When our physical body is relaxed and tension is released, we are able to heal on a physical level. The sweet thing about restorative yoga is the opportunity to heal on an emotional / energetic level as well.

Sometimes we keep ourselves busy in an effort to avoid facing difficult things in our lives. We keep ourselves distracted with activities, or we numb-out with alcohol, drugs, social media or TV. Restorative yoga invites self-compassion and deep relaxation in a meditative way, allowing us to heal energetically as well as physically.

Be intentional with your relaxation this week, my friend. Rest on your back with your legs propped up. Breathe deeply and take a load off – body and mind.

I promise it will do wonders for your attitude as well.

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