Weekly Words of Wisdom – N is for NAMASTE ~ If you’ve ever attended a formal yoga class, you already know the sweet salutation that is spoken at the close of the practice. If you’ve never practiced yoga, you might be curious – what’s the big deal about Namaste.

Namaste is a Sanskrit word that serves as a salutation, and a gesture of honor and reverence. It’s yoga tradition for the teacher to speak it the end of a yoga practice, and the students respond by speaking Namaste in return.

The hands are typically held in Anjali mudra, also known as prayer position, which might make this seem like a religious practice. I know some folks who might shy away from yoga if they feel that this would be disrespectful to their own spiritual practices. I’m here to inform you otherwise.

Resting the hands together in front of the heart is an age-old gesture of reverence and self-reflection. Religion or spiritual beliefs don’t really matter here – it’s a sweet and simple hand placement in front of our sweet and tender heart.

When the word Namaste is spoken at the end of a yoga practice, it ceremoniously honors the practice and participants.

When I speak the word Namaste at the end of yoga classes I teach, I feel its meaning in the deepest sense.  “My heart and soul honors your heart and soul.”

No matter where you are today, my friend. No matter what you are going through, my heart and soul honors your heart and soul. I’m so grateful for this journey.


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