Weekly Words of Wisdom – M is for MUSIC – I’ve been so blessed by music in my life! My dad was a musician, and some of my happiest childhood memories are of him with his guitar strapped on, strolling around the house playing and singing.

And some of my happiest adulthood memories have been with my brothers as they play their guitars – all of us singing together and just having the best time.

For centuries music has been a way to bring people together. Chants and ceremonial melodies have soothed souls and ruffled feathers since the beginning of time.

Music can bring back memories in the sweetest and/or most painful way – drawing us back to our life’s journey and stirring past emotions.

Music can lift our spirits when we’re feeling low, energize us when we need a boost, and soothe us if we’re feeling scattered.

I feel like music is an important piece of my yoga teaching practice. I always love when a yoga student tells me after class that they enjoyed my playlist. They tell me of a song that took them back in time, or that a song played at the perfect time to remind them of someone they loved and lost.

My music collection and yoga playlists are on Spotify, so if you use that app you are welcome to download my yoga playlists. Look for my music under “Deb Althoff”.

Do you allow music to play an important role in your life? Are there songs that instantly take you back in time? Maybe songs you fast-forward because the memory is too painful?

MUSIC is medicine. I’ve got the music in me. And that’s me at 3 with my daddy’s guitar.

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