Quarter Dog Pose ~ Surrender yourself into this yoga posture that helps to balance the heart and lung meridians.

Benefits:  Quarter dog pose can be a fairly intense stretch for the underarms, chest, rib cage and belly. It helps to release tension in the entire spine, and is oh-so-calming to the nervous system.

How to: From table pose, bring the right elbow to the mat and extend your right hand across the mat. Keep your hips stacked over the knees as you reach the left arm forward as far as you can. (In the photo it looks like my left elbow is resting on the mat, but it’s actually lifted just a bit. Keep the elbow of your extended arm lifted if you can.) Take a deep breath in, and with your exhale release your forehead to rest on your right forearm. Breathe deeply here for several breath cycles, and then repeat on the other side.

Affirmation: “I surrender sadness and replace it with joy.”

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