Weekly Words of Wisdom: K is for KEEP ~ Keep moving.

One thing I know for sure is that movement changes everything. When we create movement in the body (yoga poses, exercising, dancing…) we physically change our connection to space and time. We improve circulation and in turn, we improve the quality of our health.

Stillness is great and much needed at times, but too much stillness can make everything stagnant. Prolonged stillness in the physical body makes us sluggish and weak. (If you don’t use it you lose it.)

Prolonged stillness in the mind (or repetitive thoughts that go on and on without really going anywhere) may hold us in an emotional prison.

Change the position in your mind and body by looking for ways to mix things up a bit. Take a different route to work. Park a little further out in the parking lot and enjoy the extra steps. Order something different at your favorite restaurant. Dig deep in your closet and wear that red shirt you haven’t worn in ages.

And by all means, KEEP on keepin’ on!

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