Weekly Words of Wisdom: I is for IF – What IF…? And IF only…

We spend a lot of time as humans wondering how things might have been different IF we had only… Or we keep ourselves from moving forward by worrying about what would happen IF…

Sometimes it’s appropriate to consider the IFs. When we have a decision to make we might consider “If this, then that…” And based on the scenarios we conjure up we can choose our best direction.

Well, a little IF can go a long way, my friend.

IF can hold us in the past. When we cling to “if only” statements we innocently remain in a loop that prevents us from moving forward. Logically, we know the past cannot be changed. We can, however, change the way we think about it. We can work towards acceptance and maybe even forgiveness for ourselves and others. And in time, we come to terms with ‘what’s done is done.’

IF clings to future outcomes. When we are resistant to change we may imagine the worst case scenario. We shy away from putting ourselves out there because – what IF? What if I fail? What if I’m not accepted? What if this plan flops? Any of those scenarios could very well pan out and IF so, so what? We grow and learn and keep showing up. Whatever will be will be. (Que será, será.)

As IF you didn’t already know this. Thanks for allowing me to remind you this week.

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