Weekly Words of Wisdom: B is for BE – You know, like BE STILL? Just BE.

My husband and I needed a reprieve from the summer heat last weekend, so we packed up our camping gear and headed for higher ground. We pitched a tent in northeastern Arizona, in the middle of the most beautiful and majestic forest I have ever experienced.

I loved sitting at camp surrounded by all of those trees – great big older trees with little saplings at their bases. There were so many different varieties of pines, with tall white Aspen trees standing proudly among them.

As if the soothing sound of the wind blowing through the treetops wasn’t enough, Mother Nature added the fluttering of the Aspen leaves to go with it. Have you ever witnessed this? It was as if the trees were covered in glitter and flickering lights as the leaves were tossed by the breeze.

Back at home we’re always busy, Doug and I. There’s always something that “needs” attention and we spend our time doing one thing or another. What a blessing it was to just BE in the middle of all those amazing trees. It was exactly what we needed.

Today, we’re back to busy-ing ourselves with responsibilities, but the effects of our getaway among the trees still linger. We are revived and grounded (and can’t wait to go back!).

When is the last time you sat still and just allowed yourself to BE? I highly recommend doing that for yourself on a regular basis – especially if you can sit among the trees.

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