Weekly Words of Wisdom: G is for GROW – If you’ve been around me for a while you probably know that I love to grow sunflowers in our backyard. They are quick and easy to sprout, and I’ve learned through trial and happenstance that they require plenty of personal space to grow.

Kind of like us humans. We all need personal space to grow.

When I first started planting sunflowers, I followed the directions on the seed packet verbatim.  When the seeds sprouted and were 2” tall, I would thin them out – saving only the strongest looking sprout and discarding the rest. {Gosh, I hated doing that.}

Anyway, the results were always big tall sunflowers – grown to their full capacity because I had given them plenty of room to spread their roots and flourish.

I was planting sunflower seeds a couple of years ago and I guess I was feeling a little lazy because I decided, “You know what? I’m just gonna’ plant these and let them all grow together in one big bunch.”

The results were different and the crop was much smaller with leaves that weren’t as big and vibrant. They had grown in their cramped quarters, but weren’t able to grow to their full potential. They were surviving but not thriving.

Kind of like us humans. We all need personal space to grow.

Are you surviving in cramped quarters? Do you allow people or situations in your life to stifle and hold you back? Or are you thriving with plenty of wiggle room?

Spread out a little, my friend. Give yourself some room to GROW.

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