It was challenging for me to choose a word this week, as evidenced by my post title. The past few weeks have been busy ones for me, and I’m not complaining one little bit. When you love what you do for work it doesn’t feel like work. For me, this path of teaching yoga feels like a DREAM come true in so many ways.

I’ve been diligently working on putting together an online yoga course and there’s been a big learning curve! For a few months I felt like maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. I was having to ask my daughter all kinds of questions about technology and how things work and what order to do stuff in. It was a little frustrating for both of us.

My daughter kept telling me, “You can do this. You can figure it out!” and I’d squirm and plead and wait for her her assistance. Then something clicked and I jumped in.

I figured out how to create a landing page for my online course, I figured out how to build the web pages that will support my weekly lessons, and I did something super brave and went live on Facebook. I went from not believing I had it in me, to DOING it!

I’m doing it!

Is there something you feel so DEDICATED to that you are relentless in your pursuit? Are you DETERMINED to make a difference? Through hard work and DILIGENCE, you too can make it happen! I’m proof of that.

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