Weekly Words of Wisdom: C is for COMPASSION – Several years ago, my daughter gifted me a deck of angel meditation cards. I loved the practice of randomly selecting a card and trusting that the lesson attached to it was what I was meant to receive at that time.

While the deck was still fairly new to me, I noticed that I drew the COMPASSION card on a regular basis. Other cards would come up, but COMPASSION made consistent appearances time and time again.

I mentioned this to my daughter and we were both bemused.

After a few more times of pulling the COMPASSION card, I decided to sort through the deck to see if everything was in order. Ah-ha! Mystery solved! The angel deck had *mistakenly* been packed with TWO compassion cards.

I mentioned this to my daughter and she was quick to offer: “Oh – maybe one of the cards is compassion for others, and one is compassion for yourself.”

Hm. She might be on to something…

If our compassion does not include ourselves, we are missing a great part.

PS: There are no mistakes in the angel realm.

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