Weekly Words of Wisdom: Z is for ZEN – What would you say if I asked you how you find zen? Is there an activity you love that puts you in a state of suspended time – where all of your cares just drift away and you are calm and at peace in that space? 

I find zen when I practice yoga. I find it when I draw mandalas, dig in my garden, and bake cookies. I feel the sweetest zen when I am out in nature, in the thick of trees or close to water.

Zen times are essential times, my friend. They give us a break from the noise of the world and remind us of our true nature – to be calm and without angst.

Creating space and time for activities that soothe us is the perfect recipe for personal kindness. The result is that we’ll be a more patient and light-hearted version of ourselves. We’ll sleep better and feel better and be more fun to be around.

What does your ZEN look like? And when is the last time you took time for that?

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