Weekly Words of Wisdom: W is for WISDOM ~ The phrase ‘older and wiser’ really does hit home for me. I have never been concerned or had any hang-ups about getting older. In fact, the older I get the more I find myself relaxing into my life’s journey.

Wisdom is something that’s gained over time. We don’t achieve it from reading books, and the only school that offers a course in wisdom is one one called life. And experience.

So when Father’s Day rolled around this year, I set my intention on using the wisdom of my elder self to release some things I was still holding around my relationship with my dad. What a blessing to have reached a time in my life where I can distinguish between what his lessons were and what mine continue to be; not to mention, how our lessons have overlapped over the course of time.

I’m celebrating this season of my life because with maturity comes wisdom. There’s a deeper understanding, and I’m able to feel more compassion toward my dad because he had some heavy lessons to learn. I understand now that none of his personal actions represented his level of love for me, and they certainly didn’t determine my own worthiness for being loved.

With time comes WISDOM and with wisdom comes forgiveness, so…

Thanks for all the lessons, Dad. I love you. I forgive you.

How has time and maturity made you wiser? Are you able to look back at life’s lessons and realize their value yet?

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