Weekly Words of Wisdom – V is for VULNERABILITY – It feels vulnerable to share personal stories when you know others are looking to you for light. The thing is, I’ve been doing lots of deep thinking this past week with the recent news of statistics surrounding depression and suicide. As someone who has experienced the lows of depression, I kind of shake my head when I read social media posts that share suicide prevention hotlines and encourage those who are feeling low to reach out for help – just call this number… For me, it was never that easy. The times I’ve gone “dark” were times of isolation, and the last thing I’d want to do is pick up the phone and call anyone. (Though I do understand those prevention hotlines are very helpful for some folks!)

It feels vulnerable to share this message in my weekly words of wisdom. I really wanted to say V is for VACATION and how much I am wishing for one, but I kept circling back around to VULNERABILITY.

I’d be the last person to claim to have the answers about depression and/or suicide prevention, but I do believe it is important to have conversations around those things so that others who might be experiencing something similar know they are not alone. Maintaining a “big picture” focus rather than tunnel vision has always been my saving grace – to know that a sad day or week does not make a sad LIFE. Everything passes. Every. Thing.

So here’s me being vulnerable with my Weekly Words of Wisdom…

Know this: You are more than your hours of sadness. You are more than your temper tantrum or those words you spoke in the heat of the moment. You are so much more than that mistake you made 30 years ago and continue to beat yourself up over. You are kind and brave and resilient. You are here to forgive and be forgiven. How about you start with yourself? Hm?


PS: This goes for YOU too! You are not alone.

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