Weekly Words of Wisdom: R is for RESET – You know how sometimes your phone or computer will start acting weird? Apps freeze up or the screen flashes or email automatically closes without saving? Sometimes the only way to make things ‘right’ again is to shut the whole thing down – power off – and reset.

We are a sophisticated version of our electronic devices. We can only take in so much information and put out so much energy before things start to go a little haywire. Sleep is compromised, digestion is sluggish, mood is grumpy, immune system is zapped…you get the picture.

After a super busy and/or stressful time, it’s important that we “power off” and RESET ourselves. This past week I’ve been taking it easy and drinking lots of water. I’ve been getting extra rest and I’ve been practicing yin yoga (lots of stretching!). I’ve been outside in my garden and I’ve been drawing mandalas.

Ahhh…I needed that!

How are you at recognizing when it’s time to RESET your system? What do you do to revive yourself?

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