Weekly Words of Wisdom: N is for NURTURE – The definition of NURTURE is to ‘care for or encourage the growth or development of someone or something.’

In nature, we nurture our garden by making sure it gets plenty of water and sunshine. Sometimes plants must be pruned – relieving them of dead parts and leaves. Once the parts that no longer serve the plant are removed, it’s able to grow to its full potential.

We nurture relationships by being of service to someone we care about. It can be a simple as a kind word or pat on the back in times of need, or as extravagant as a home cooked meal! We nurture others when we care for and encourage them to grow and prosper.

We can nurture ourselves by being mindful of the way we take care of our body and mind. Like plants in the garden, we must have plenty of water and sunshine, and it helps to have the ability to shake off the dead leaves (release what no longer serves you) for maximum growth potential.

We nurture our soul by being mindful with our thoughts. Creating healthy habits around the way we think and talk about ourselves helps us to feel worthy, and may even help us to be more nurturing toward others.

What are you NURTURING in your life? Do you feel NURTURED and cared for? How does your garden grow?

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