Weekly Words of Wisdom: L is for LINGER – As in, take your sweet easy time.

We live in a busy world, my friends. Many of us move from one thing to another every day, all day, day after day. We go from this app to that email; from this list to that webinar; from morning till night. Our mind (and nervous system) stay in a state of constant motion, and then we wonder why we feel so tired and irritable all the time.

As a yoga teacher, I see students rushing all the time. I see them innocently anticipate a twist to the opposite side so they hurry up and go there. I see them hurry up and lift their arms when there could be more ease and grace in lifting slowly. I see them come to yoga class full of hurry, and leave with a sense of wanting to linger.

Doe Zantamata said, “Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective.”

There’s great power in the pause, for it is there that we rejuvenate and fully appreciate our blessings. We calm our nervous system and revive our bodies with intentional time-outs.

This week I invite you to LINGER and notice the pause. Whether it’s a mental pause between emails, or the physical pause between twisting to the opposite side in a yoga class. Notice the pause after your inhale ends and just before the exhale begins. Resist the urge to react to a situation, lingering instead in the pause so that you can respond with more compassion. Finish a delicious meal and linger once your fork is resting in order to fully appreciate what you’ve just enjoyed.

Here’s an invitation to slow things down this week, dear one. Make time to appreciate yourself and others in that sweet spot called the pause.

How does it feel for you to linger?

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