Weekly Words of Wisdom: K is for KINDNESS – You might think of yourself as kind-hearted by nature, but when was the last time you were intentional with an act of kindness?

This week I invite you to participate in intentional acts of kindness. Begin each morning by setting an intention to look for ways to do a little extra for those around you throughout the day.

We can be intentional with our acts of kindness by planning ahead. Write inspirational quotes or affirmations on slips of paper and leave them for others to find. You can write things like, “You matter!” or “You’re doing a great job!” Trust that it will land in the hands of the person who needs it most.

Plan ahead before you grab your morning coffee and pay for someone else’s order. Be super helpful at the grocery store and offer assistance to someone in need. Thank someone for great customer service. Compliment a stranger. Smile at someone who isn’t smiling!

Robert Ingersoll said, “We rise by lifting others” and I know this to be true. I feel my best when I am able to help someone in need – and I’m always mindful and grateful when I am the recipient of kindness from others.

Go out of your way this week to be intentionally kind. You’ll be so glad you did!

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