Weekly Words of Wisdom: J is for JOURNEY – This past weekend we had the honor of watching my niece exchange wedding vows with her beloved. That sweet baby girl I held in my arms 27 years ago is now someone’s wife! We traveled by car to get there. A 10-hour drive to California was a journey in itself, but I’m not writing about a road trip today; I’m writing about the JOURNEY of life.

My journey so far includes growing up in the safety of a small town. It includes my time as a young mother with my own precious baby girl; my work as a corporate employee; time as a single-mom busy earning a college degree; meeting and marrying the best man ever; holding my mother’s hand in hospice as she completed her own journey; and stepping completely out of my comfort zone to become a yoga teacher. And now as we prepare for my own daughter’s wedding, the path ahead looks sweet and promising.

My journey has been wonderful and difficult and glorious and dark. There have been rough patches and smooth sailing; tears of sorrow and joy; times of angst and jubilation. There have been lessons too numerous to recount here, and I rest easy knowing my capacity for resilience.

I love all the lessons of my journey so far. True, some of the lessons were more fun than others, but as a whole they make up this amazing JOURNEY of my life, and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.

How’s your JOURNEY going so far? Are you able to see the path you’ve taken as one big culmination of significant lessons? No matter where you’ve been or where you’re going, you are resilient too! I’m so happy that you and I are sharing this JOURNEY!

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