Weekly Words of Wisdom: E is for EARTH – Oh, third planet from the sun, how I love you! In astrology, was born when the sun was in the sign of Taurus, and my rising sign is Virgo – both earth signs. Perhaps that explains my lifelong love of all things dirt, plant, mountain, river, desert, ocean, flowers, trees…EARTH.

This great big planet of ours has grown smaller over the years, and our human friends are growing by the numbers daily. We’re a whole lot of people on a planet that’s grown smaller!

I believe now, more than ever, we each have a responsibility to do our part to protect the resources of our planet, EARTH.

You can help in simple ways by using cloth grocery bags, reusable water bottles and recycling everything possible. Be mindful of water use, and walk or ride your bike when you can. Plant a tree, and pick up litter that someone accidentally dropped. Be kind to each other and to our planet.

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