D is for DEVOTION – The word DEVOTION is defined as “love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.” My love of yoga began many years ago, but it’s only been in recent years that my practice feels like a true devotion.

Each of us is devoted to something, or someone. We direct our time and attention – our energy – toward nurturing our connection with that person or to a particular cause. Our devotion drives our sense of belonging in this world – it’s what truly matters deep within us.

When we are devoted to nurturing ourselves and creating practices that connect us to something greater, there comes a feeling of purpose and belonging. Perhaps we devote our time and attention toward service to others, to the well-being of animals, the improvement of our planet, or our connection with Spirit.

Remember in the movie “Grease” when Sandy sang about being “Hopelessly devoted to” Danny? That kind of devotion is sweet, but can also be risky and fleeting. Devotion toward another human, or even inanimate objects might leave us feeling unfulfilled and always longing for something more.

We foster our DEVOTION when we are intentional with our thoughts, words and actions. I wonder, what are you devoted to? What practices have you established to foster that devotion?

I’m hopefully devoted to yoga.

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