B is for BREATHE – If I had to choose my single most favorite thing about yoga it would be challenging because…well…it’s YOGA! There are so many reasons to love the practice, but if I had to pick just one thing it would definitely be breath work (Pranayama). Learning to connect with your breath can literally be life changing.

If you’re new to yoga, controlling the speed and depth of the breath can be tricky at first. I always encourage new students to simply notice the way they’re breathing – notice the inhale, then notice the exhale. Once comfortable with that, we can begin to take a little deeper breath in, and a slower and more complete breath out.

A regular practice of deep breathing is soothing to the nervous system; reduces symptoms of stress; relieves insomnia; improves circulation; lowers blood pressure; and boosts the immune system. It’s also great for adjusting the attitude as well.

Did you know that my daughter is getting married in less than four months?! Wedding planning is really ramping up now that the holidays are behind us, and we are finding many opportunities to pause and take a few deep breaths throughout our days.

So, for a word of focus this week I chose BREATHE. I’ll keep this little card in plain sight this week as an extra reminder to return my focus to the way I’m breathing.

YOUR TURN: How comfortable are you when it comes to controlling the speed and depth of your breath? It would be well worth your time to give it a try on a regular basis!

PS: Click here to learn a simple technique for slowing the exhale called fog-the-mirror breath.

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