I really love that Rumi quote. “Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.” It’s such a great metaphor for allowing things that no longer serve us to drop and drift away.

As humans, we have a tendency to hold on to old news. We hold on to past hurts and stories, trauma and drama, he said/she said…

Let the dead leaves drop?
Ahhh…if  only it was that easy…

I keep a small garden in our backyard, and I’ve come to know tomato plants. Tomato plants don’t shed leaves as effortlessly as trees. Rather than the dead leaves (and branches) dropping, they continue to cling to the mother plant. It takes the help of a gardener with the right tools to come along and snip them off.

What happens next always seems like a miracle to me. A plant that was once weak and overtaxed with sustaining all the live parts while continuing to support the dead, will flourish and thrive once freed from what no longer serves it. A more abundant crop is then produced.

And so it is with humans. When we learn to release our old stories – when we let the dead leaves drop – we are free to flourish and thrive.

Is there something you could begin to let go of? Maybe it’s time to forgive someone (or yourself) for a past mistake. Maybe now would be a good time to let bygones be bygones and start creating new space in your life for something new and wonderful. What might you grow and nurture instead? How will the fruits of your labors be realized?

Let the dead leaves drop. And if you need the help of a “gardener,” I would love to lead your yoga practice to help you work on dropping what no longer serves you. {View a list of my weekly class offerings by clicking here.}

Be like a tree! Stand tall, drink lots of water, enjoy the view, and let the dead leaves drop.

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