From Atlantic to Pacific, gee, the traffic is terrific…

I live in a large metropolitan area where the traffic is… well… I suppose you could call it “terrific.” The holiday season brings a heightened sense of urgency, and over the past week or so I’ve noticed a shift in the way folks are driving.

I wonder, how do you react when another driver accidentally (or seemingly intentionally) cuts you off in traffic? Are you courteous or easily agitated? What words do you typically speak out loud?

Aggression and anger is defused by love and compassion.

Imagine you were a passenger in a vehicle being driven by a loved one. And imagine said loved one was in a really big hurry and driving a bit aggressively. Perhaps you’d speak these words to them:

“You must be in a really big hurry. Be careful. I love you.”

Today I invite you to change the way you react to a stranger whose driving doesn’t meet your expectations. How would it change things if you were to speak the same words for them as you would to a loved one?

The power of prayer and intention is an amazing thing. When we respond to aggression with compassion, we shift the energy for ourselves and others. Consider an aggressive driver as someone who could really use a dose of love and compassion.

I have an invitation for you. When you venture out onto the roads, be a sweet driver and say these words out loud if/when someone cuts you off in traffic: “You must be in a really big hurry. Be careful. I love you.” And then notice how your own attitude is softened just a bit.

Be sweet, be safe, be careful. I love you.

PS: Practice this breathing technique to calm yourself while waiting for a red light to turn green.

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