99/100 ~ Exalted Warrior  (Anjana Virabhadrasana) – The definition of the word exalted is: “in a state of extreme happiness.” Can you see that depicted in my stance? I invite you to hold this pose and notice the feeling it inspires. Conjure up a feeling of joy and exuberance while you physically hold this shape. So joyful!!!

Benefits: Exalted (or reverse) warrior strengthens and tones the legs, hips, back and torso. It’s a great stretch for the legs, glutes, hips, abdomen, chest and shoulders. This pose opens the body and creates space in the lungs to allow for deeper inhales. It opens the lung meridian where grief and sadness are held – releasing those qualities and fostering a sense of courage and well-being. Considered a power pose, this posture helps counter stress and anxiety, and is calming to the nervous system.

How to: Step your feet wide to create Warrior 2 (day 43) with your left knee bent. On an inhale, lift the left arm up and allow the right hand to rest on the right leg. Draw the left shoulder back and down, lift your heart and gaze upward. Equally press into both feet, open into the left side-body, and breathe deeply. Take time to notice how you feel in this pose, and soak in that feeling with every breath. Hold this pose for 2-6 breath cycles, coming back to Warrior 2 as a transition before stretching on the other side.

Mantra: “I am proud of my accomplishments.”

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