95/100 ~ Chair Pose with a Twist (Parivrtta Utkatasana) – Twisting poses invite us to see things from a different perspective. Chair pose builds strength in the legs and back, and the twist adds an element of calming the mind and releasing tension in the upper body. Let’s do this…

Benefits: This pose strengthens the mid- and low back and increases flexibility in the entire spine. Chair pose strengthens the legs, ankles, feet and glutes. The twist helps tone internal organs and improves digestion, releases tension in the chest, shoulders and neck. Twisting poses are very calming to the nervous system as well, so you’ll even get an attitude adjustment with this pose.

How to: Stand with your feet together on your yoga mat. Press into the feet and draw the legs together toward the midline. Inhale and reach the arms over head, creating length in the body. On your exhale, bend the knees and move the hips back to come into chair pose (day 85). Bring the hands together in front of the heart, and twist your torso to the right, bringing your left elbow to the outside of the right leg. Keep squeezing the legs together, pressing the elbow into the leg, and lifting your right shoulder back and down (create space between the tops of the shoulder and the bottom of your ears). Hold this posture for 3-6 breath cycles, resting in mountain pose (day 2) before taking the pose on the other side.

Mantra: “I am willing to see things differently.”

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