Day 100 of “100 Days of Yoga”!!!!

100/100 ~ Corpse Pose (Savasana) – Savasana feels so good at the end of class, we joke that *this* is the pose some people come to yoga for! Traditionally held as the final resting pose of a yoga practice, Savasana represents surrender. In this pose, we surrender to the effects of our yoga practice; we surrender to those things beyond our control.  Savasana can also be one of the most challenging poses for new yogis, as it invites us to let go, relax and be still. While the name (corpse pose) may seem morbid, the image of resting free of all burdens is, in fact, deeply beautiful.

When is the last time you felt wide awake yet completely relaxed? Savasana can take you there. Practice some yoga, stretch and breathe, then rest yourself flat on the floor. Come to know Savasana…come to know peace.

Benefits: Savasana releases stress from the body; calms the muscles, mind and nervous system; stabilizes the heart rate and blood pressure; boosts the immune system; and allows us to experience peace.

How to: Rest on your back with legs extended. Lengthen through the heels to stretch your legs, and then allow them to relax with the toes falling out. Gently lift the heart by tucking your shoulders down and under. Allow the arms to come away from the body with palms of the hands facing up. Draw the chin toward your chest, and press the back of your neck toward the mat. Relax all effort and let the head, neck and shoulders release. Close your eyes and allow the breath to flow naturally. Relax here for up to 5 minutes, appreciating the effects of your yoga practice.

Extra: Place a rolled blanket under the knees if that feels better for your low back.

Mantra: “I was made for moments like this.”

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