92/100 ~ Super Hero Pose – Own your personal power today with this strong standing pose! When we hold a power pose, standing strong and firm with shoulders relaxed and heart lifted, we actually change our physiology and reduce stress hormones in the body. Prepare to be amazed!

Benefits: It’s been scientifically proven that holding a power pose for two minutes lowers cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body by 20% and increases testosterone levels by 20%. (Google Amy Cuddy’s TED talk: “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are.”) This pose also strengthens the body as you stand tall and strong; creates space in the chest and lungs; and adjusts the attitude.

How to: Step your feet a little wider than your hips and angle your toes slightly outward. Press into the feet and lift through the crown of the head to stand as tall as possible. Create fists with the hands and bring them to the sides of your body. Draw your shoulder blades together on the back and lift your heart. Create length in the back of the neck by drawing the chin slightly down and in. Look straight ahead or slightly upward and own your space here. Breathe deep and steady, holding this pose for two minutes. For extra benefit, be sure to recite a manta or your favorite affirmation to yourself as you stand in this shape.

Mantra: “I stand in my convictions and acknowledge my strengths as super powers.”

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