91/100 ~ Half-forward Fold ( or “Half-lift”) (Ardha Uttanasana) ~ I lead half-forward fold in yoga classes as a transition pose between forward fold and stepping back to a lunge. It’s a nice way to bring length in the spine, and also as a bridge to sync the inhale and exhale in flow sequences.

Benefits: Half-forward fold strengthens the back and improves overall posture. It stretches the back of the legs; stimulates the belly; and brings awareness to lengthening the spine and lifting the heart.

How to: From forward fold (day 32), bring the hands to the thighs. Inhale as you lift the torso half way up. Keep the nose pointing down and feel a sensation of lengthening from the tailbone to the crown of the head. Draw the shoulder blades onto the back and lift the heart forward. Exhale as you release back to forward fold. You can repeat this movement, lifting half way as you inhale, releasing and folding as you exhale. Or, you can hold half-forward fold for a few breath cycles to really appreciate the alignment in the spine.

Mantra: “Great things are happening and I am on the transition team.”

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