90/100 ~ Restorative Heart Opening Pose – Yes, this is a restorative pose but I’m not gonna’ lie – it’s a little edgy at first. You’ll need a couple of yoga blocks for this one, and the willingness to breathe through a little discomfort in the beginning. It’s kind of like a deep-tissue massage. If you stick it out, the result will be a really great release for tight muscles in the upper back, shoulders and neck.

Benefits: This posture opens the front of the chest and releases tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders. It corrects forward slumped posture, and releases tightness in the front of the body. In the photo, I’m holding my legs in reclined butterfly pose (day 41), adding a release in the psoas. Add some slow steady breaths for an attitude adjustment as well.

How to: Position the yoga blocks as shown in the photo 2 with one block on the tall setting and the other on low. Position yourself so that one end of the low block presses into your mid-back between the shoulder blades, and the tall block supports the back of your head. Draw the tops of the shoulders away from the ears and rest the hands away from the body, palms of the hands facing up. The knees can be bent, legs extended, or soles of the feet together with knees falling out for reclined butterfly. Allow yourself to relax a little more with every exhale. This pose becomes more comfortable as you relax and let go. Stay here for 3-10 minutes, slowly easing out of the pose when you feel ready. Shrug the shoulders and move in a way that feels good, and notice the release of tension in the body.

Mantra: “Something wonderful is about to happen!”

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