29/100 ~ Sphinx Pose (Salamba Bhujangasana) – Let’s bring it on down to the floor today, my friends. This gentle back bend posture balances the lung and heart meridians where grief, sadness and disconnect are held. Breathe deeply into the belly while holding this shape to massage the intestines and internal organs. So good for you!!!

Benefits: Stretches the front of the body – chest, lungs, abdomen and shoulders. Strengthens the arms, benefits digestion, balances the lung and heart meridians to restore joy and self-compassion. Soothes the nervous system and relieves fatigue.

How to: Come to the floor and rest on your belly, then prop yourself up onto your elbows. The elbows should rest under your shoulders; hands extend straight out from the elbows. (If you feel tightness in your low back, squeeze your bottom tight and press the tops of the feet into the floor.) Press down into the elbows to lift the upper body and lift through the crown of the head. Have a sensation of the ears moving away from the tops of the shoulders. Press your hands into the mat and feel like you are dragging yourself forward with your hands. Squeeze the shoulder blades together on the back and lift your heart forward. Yes, there’s a lot going on in this simple pose! Once you have the alignment down, breathe deeply in this pose and feel your belly press against the mat on each inhale. Stay here for 3-8 breath cycles, then rest in Child’s pose (day 16) for a few breaths before releasing.

Mantra: “I start each day with a grateful heart.”