25/100 ~ Genie Magic Neck and Shoulder Release – Hands up, who loved “I Dream of Jeannie” all those years ago? Me!!! I saw this shoulder and neck release movement a few weeks ago and have been practicing it since. It’s a quick and easy stretch that can be done sitting, standing, or even on your back with arms held above the body.

Benefits: Releases tension in the shoulders, neck and upper back. Calms the mind and steadies the breath. Looks fun because…well…genie magic!

How to: Cross your arms in front of your body and take hold of your upper arms with opposite hands. Keep your body and face held at center and take a deep breath in. On your exhale, gently guide the arms to one side and tug just a little for a stretch. Inhale back to center, then exhale tug to the opposite side. Repeat several times, syncing the movements with the breath.

Mantra: “I am my own master and all of my wishes come true.”