“We rise by lifting others.” 
~ Robert Ingersoll

My daughter and I took a little road trip last weekend and headed for Sedona as an early birthday celebration for me. It’s tradition for us to bless our road trips before we pull out of the driveway, and we did that on the morning of our travels.

In our road trip prayers, we always give thanks for the opportunity to travel. We humbly ask for safety for all those sharing the road with us, and I’ll usually throw in a little request for patience with each other – just for good measure. On the morning of our Sedona trip I also added, “May we somehow be of service to others.”

My daughter looked up. “Service?” she contemplated softly. I shrugged and said, “You never know…”

We had safe and happy travels all the way to West Fork Trail in Sedona. It’s a favorite hiking spot for us, and we had plans to create a few nature mandalas along the path.

Not only was it fun to gather and arrange little bits of nature, but it was so fun to hear others as they came upon our mandalas, stopping to appreciate them and take a few photos.

After we had arranged the mandala in the photo above, a couple came along on the path. My daughter and I loved hearing the man say, “Hey! Here’s another one! Do you want to take a photo of this one too?” We smiled to ourselves, neither of us revealing ourselves as its creator. I loved that!

And as we headed back to the parking lot to leave the trail, we saw the man in the next photo, stopping to photograph the first mandala we’d left on our way in.

“This,” I told my daughter, “Sometimes this is what it looks like to be of service to others.”

She looked at me knowingly and understood. In our own simple way we had helped to raise the vibration of others.

Sometimes “being of service” doesn’t mean going far out of our way. It doesn’t mean spending a lot of time or money – it needn’t require great sacrifice on our part. A genuine smile in the right direction, a soft touch on a shoulder, leaving bits of whimsy for others to appreciate… Sometimes that’s enough to lift a spirit ~ including our own.

When we ask to be shown how we might be of service to others, we’ll be amazed at how our calling is revealed.