Keep on the sunny side… Remember that song? I know it sounds like a lofty goal – always keeping on the sunny side – but it’s a habit I’d like to cultivate.

It’s in our human nature to focus on what’s going wrong. And let’s be real, sometimes we must address the challenges amidst the blessings. We notice the things that aren’t going so well as a natural defense mechanism – it’s how we’re designed in order to protect ourselves from danger. We were born this way.

The problem arises when we focus only on what’s going wrong, distorting our vision from the many good things also in the mix.

Do you know someone who always looks on the sunny side of life? I’m fortunate to know a few myself. I have an 8-year old nephew who was born with this gift. He’s always up for whatever the plan is, and has more fun at the most mundane activities than anyone I’ve ever known.

My young nephew recently had a simple surgical procedure done on his ear. His mom {my sister} prepared him for what would happen during the surgery, explaining what to expect in hopes of alleviating any fear he might have. Instead of being apprehensive about the procedure, he had one enthusiastic question. “Do I get to wear a hospital gown?”

He was so excited to wear a hospital gown that he didn’t give the procedure a second thought. My sister sent a photo of him and my heart burst with joy. There he was, stretched out on a gurney in his little hospital gown, surgical cap atop his head, smiling from ear to ear.

What a blessing to be able to automatically focus on what’s going right!

Humans are the only species on the planet that can intentionally change their posture, breath, expression and thoughts. May we use these gifts to our advantage, keeping on the sunny side, always on the sunny side…

Life can be hard and easy and tough and wonderful.
What’s going right in your life?
Where’s your focus today?