It was challenging for me to choose a word this week, as evidenced by my post title. The past few weeks have been busy ones for me, and I’m not complaining one little bit. When you love what you do for work it doesn’t feel like work. For me, this path of teaching yoga feels like a DREAM come true in so many ways.

I’ve been diligently working on putting together an online yoga course and there’s been a big learning curve! For a few months I felt like maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. I was having to ask my daughter all kinds of questions about technology and how things work and what order to do stuff in. It was a little frustrating for both of us.

My daughter kept telling me, “You can do this. You can figure it out!” and I’d squirm and plead and wait for her her assistance. Then something clicked and I jumped in.

I figured out how to create a landing page for my online course, I figured out how to build the web pages that will support my weekly lessons, and I did something super brave and went live on Facebook. I went from not believing I had it in me, to DOING it!

I’m doing it!

Is there something you feel so DEDICATED to that you are relentless in your pursuit? Are you DETERMINED to make a difference? Through hard work and DILIGENCE, you too can make it happen! I’m proof of that.

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Weekly Words of Wisdom – COMPASSION

Weekly Words of Wisdom: C is for COMPASSION – Several years ago, my daughter gifted me a deck of angel meditation cards. I loved the practice of randomly selecting a card and trusting that the lesson attached to it was what I was meant to receive at that time.

While the deck was still fairly new to me, I noticed that I drew the COMPASSION card on a regular basis. Other cards would come up, but COMPASSION made consistent appearances time and time again.

I mentioned this to my daughter and we were both bemused.

After a few more times of pulling the COMPASSION card, I decided to sort through the deck to see if everything was in order. Ah-ha! Mystery solved! The angel deck had *mistakenly* been packed with TWO compassion cards.

I mentioned this to my daughter and she was quick to offer: “Oh – maybe one of the cards is compassion for others, and one is compassion for yourself.”

Hm. She might be on to something…

If our compassion does not include ourselves, we are missing a great part.

PS: There are no mistakes in the angel realm.

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Weekly Words of Wisdom – BE

Weekly Words of Wisdom: B is for BE – You know, like BE STILL? Just BE.

My husband and I needed a reprieve from the summer heat last weekend, so we packed up our camping gear and headed for higher ground. We pitched a tent in northeastern Arizona, in the middle of the most beautiful and majestic forest I have ever experienced.

I loved sitting at camp surrounded by all of those trees – great big older trees with little saplings at their bases. There were so many different varieties of pines, with tall white Aspen trees standing proudly among them.

As if the soothing sound of the wind blowing through the treetops wasn’t enough, Mother Nature added the fluttering of the Aspen leaves to go with it. Have you ever witnessed this? It was as if the trees were covered in glitter and flickering lights as the leaves were tossed by the breeze.

Back at home we’re always busy, Doug and I. There’s always something that “needs” attention and we spend our time doing one thing or another. What a blessing it was to just BE in the middle of all those amazing trees. It was exactly what we needed.

Today, we’re back to busy-ing ourselves with responsibilities, but the effects of our getaway among the trees still linger. We are revived and grounded (and can’t wait to go back!).

When is the last time you sat still and just allowed yourself to BE? I highly recommend doing that for yourself on a regular basis – especially if you can sit among the trees.

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Weekly Words of Wisdom – AIR

Weekly Words of Wisdom: A is for AIR (and ASTROLOGY) – Astrological signs are divided into four different elements (fire, earth, air and water), and today we’ll talk about the three signs: GEMINI, LIBRA, and AQUARIUS.

If your Sun is in one of the air signs you most likely have a quick mind. Sometimes you can be a bit scattered and easily distracted, and you most likely love to read. Air signs are gifted communicators, and it’s essential for you to talk about your emotions. If you aren’t able to verbalize your feelings, then journaling would be a great healing tool for you.

Gemini loves being social *and* they love isolation. This is the sign of the twins, so there are two sides to every Gemini. They are quick to learn new things and get bored easily. They can be indecisive at times, and they’re great at multi-tasking.

Gemini – your life lesson is to learn to be the observer of your busy mind – to harness and be intentional with your thoughts.

Libra loves harmony in relationships. They love when their group/tribe/family all gets along, and there may be a tendency to sacrifice their own feelings in order to keep the peace for others. Friendship is just as important as romance to a Libra.

Libra – your life lesson is to find balance in relationships. Learn to stay true to yourself – and to take good care of you – especially in relationships with others.

Aquarius is unique and they love that. They can seem indifferent and argumentative at times, but they usually know what they’re talking about. They’re great with technology and are forward thinking. Aquarius may feel different – like they don’t fit in – but that’s part of the lesson.

Aquarius – your life lesson is to learn to love standing out in a crowd. You came here to be different, so let that work to your advantage.

In astrology we use these general characteristics as guidelines to validate and understand who we are. We can also feel more compassion toward others who exhibit these personality traits, simply by knowing they are Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.  

Are you an air sign? Do you know someone who is?

PS: Stay tuned for earth, fire and water signs later in this series. Or hit me up for a private astrology reading to learn more about your own chart.

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Weekly Words of Wisdom – ZEN

Weekly Words of Wisdom: Z is for ZEN – What would you say if I asked you how you find zen? Is there an activity you love that puts you in a state of suspended time – where all of your cares just drift away and you are calm and at peace in that space? 

I find zen when I practice yoga. I find it when I draw mandalas, dig in my garden, and bake cookies. I feel the sweetest zen when I am out in nature, in the thick of trees or close to water.

Zen times are essential times, my friend. They give us a break from the noise of the world and remind us of our true nature – to be calm and without angst.

Creating space and time for activities that soothe us is the perfect recipe for personal kindness. The result is that we’ll be a more patient and light-hearted version of ourselves. We’ll sleep better and feel better and be more fun to be around.

What does your ZEN look like? And when is the last time you took time for that?

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