67/100 ~ Crescent Pose / High Lunge (Anjaneyasana) – Challenge yourself today with a pose that’s sure to stretch and strengthen the lower body. You’ll build strength and stamina with this one.

Benefits: This pose is a strength building pose for the legs; a great stretch for the hips and psoas muscle; stretches the torso, chest and shoulders; fosters endurance and stamina; and improves balance.

How to: From forward fold (Day 32), step your right foot way back for a lunge, fingertips resting on blocks or the floor (Day 51). Alignment of the feet should be as if you were standing with each foot on train tracks rather than a tight rope. Creating a wider base this way helps aid with balance once you lift up. Bear weight equally in all five toes of the right foot, straighten your knee and press out through the right heel. Align the left knee over the left ankle and press down into the left foot to lift the body up, drawing the torso away from the left leg. Reach your arms overhead, lifting the arms and the body up. Keep powering through the right heel, pressing into the left foot and lifting the body. Relax your shoulders away from the ears and breathe deeply. Hold this pose for 2-5 breath cycles before stretching the other side.

Mantra: “I am confident, strong and persistent.”

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