64/100 ~ Crescent Moon Pose – Here’s a great little pick-me-up pose for those times when you might need a little attitude shift. It’s a simple shape that you can take just about anywhere, and it’s a great way to revive yourself if you’re feeling a bit sluggish.

Benefits: This pose stretches the side-body; improves circulation and digestion; strengthens the ankles and knees; and energizes the entire body. It’s calming to the mind as the focus is on the breath, and helps to foster focus and stamina.

How to: Stand firmly in Mountain Pose (Day 2) and lift yourself to stand as tall as possible. Inhale deeply as you lift your arms overhead. Clasp your fingers and release your index fingers to point upward. On your exhale, move your hands to the left and allow the arms and upper body to follow. Release/relax your shoulders away from the ears, press down into the right foot and keep lifting the body tall. Draw the right shoulder blade down and back, and have your gaze be to the right and upward. And breathe! Notice where the breath goes into the body – can you feel your right rib cage expand as you inhale? Hold this pose for 2-6 breath cycles, lifting back to center on an inhale. Rest in forward fold (Day 32) before taking Crescent Moon on the other side.

Mantra: “I’m over the moon in love with myself.”

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