63/100 ~ Tree Pose (Vrksasana) – How would you rate your balancing skills? I often hear potential yogis proclaim to be ”bad” at balancing. To which I remind: there is no “good/bad” balance, only “practiced/un-practiced” balance. A well-rounded yoga practice helps to create overall stability in the body which helps improve our balance. Strengthening the ankles, legs and core helps to physically prepare the body for balancing poses. Working on our thought process helps us to mentally prepare for them.

Benefits: Balancing poses help to stabilize the body and prevent falls and potential injuries. Tree pose stretches the thighs, groins, shoulders and torso; builds strength in the ankles, legs and core; remedies flat feet; and fosters focus, endurance and stamina.

How to: Begin standing in Mountain Pose (Day 2), bearing weight equally in both feet. Slightly shift the weight of your body to the right, and begin to lift the left foot. Draw the left knee out to the side, and place your left foot where it feels comfortable on the right leg. *It’s important to avoid the knee joint here!* Maybe your left toes stay on the floor for a little kick-stand version, or the left foot lifts to the side of the right shin or thigh. Hands can be held with palms together in front of the heart, extended overhead, or held out to the sides.

Keep pressing into the standing foot, draw your belly in and lift through the crown of the head. Breathe deeply and hold for as long as you can, then practice on the other side.

Mantra:  “There is balance and order in my life.”

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