62/100 ~ Rock the Baby Hip Stretch – Such a sweet name for such a deep stretch. {wink} I’m giving two options in the “How to” section today, so don’t shy away from this baby! This stretch is a less intense version of pigeon pose, releases some of the same muscles, and the gentle rocking sensation is so soothing.

Benefits: This pose releases tension in the hips and low back. It stretches the IT band, glutes and groin; improves digestion; and soothes the nervous system. This pose also balances the liver meridian, releasing anger/frustration and inviting a sense of adaptability and ease. Can you find it there?

How to: Sit on the floor with your legs crossed; left leg on top (Sukasana, Day 5). Press into both sit bones and lift through the crown of your head to lengthen your spine – sit tall. Keep your breathing deep and steady throughout your practice.

– Option 1 – Lift your left leg up, placing the left foot at the crease of your right elbow. Wrap your left arm around so that your left knee is cradled by the arm, and join your hands to support the leg.

– Option 2 – Instead of lifting your leg up and wrapping your arms around it, try bringing your left hand to left knee, right hand to left foot. Gently lift the leg up and in toward your body.

Inhale as you sit tall, exhale release your shoulders away from your ears. Begin to slightly and gently rock your leg, swaying from left to right – the more subtle the rocking the better. Keep pressing through the sit bones and sitting as tall as you can, breathing deep and steady.

Mantra: “I honor myself and let yoga meet me where I am.”

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